cooking through a cookbook front to back in a year

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I enjoy weird long words. I smile and laugh at their funny pronunciation and count them a tiny bright spot in a day. I also love seeing my plants grow, bloom, sprout and germinate, and dicotyledonous is a flowering plant whose seed typically has two embryonic leaves.

I’ve been working on starting various plants to set out in my garden once our Southern finicky weather cooperates. A few days ago they were predicting snow in the area, and today I was outside in shorts and a t-shirt enjoying the 75 degree weather.

Thanks to Pinterest, I’ve had several different inspirations for containers to start my seeds in. Out of the various assortment of ideas I’ve tried so far, I have been the most successful with thrift stores finds. The most labor intensive was my newspaper planters. Somewhere between the tearing, shredding, soaking, mashing, and setting I decided that was TOO much work! They have however, been a great conversation starter. 🙂




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Growing Basil

I’m rather sad that I somehow forgot to move my basil inside when the first frost hit. Within days it had completely shriveled up and turned a ghastly brown and just ruining my great green thumb streak. I went hunting through several different store’s garden section for fresh basil, but the beginning of January “is not herb season, mah deah!” proclaimed more than one salesperson.

So I broke down and was about to buy a small box of basil seeds and a planter… but when it rang up for $6, I decided I could do better than that! I collected a few twenty-five cent ceramic planters for my favorite thrift store, a bag of potting soil for $1.60 and a packet of basil seeds for seventy nine cents. 😀 I’m hoping to follow some of the tips found here.

I’m been thoroughly enjoying watching them grow… can’t wait until it is large enough to start picking!

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The Beginning

Beginning2end365 is a blog about my journey of cooking through a cookbook, beginning to end in a year. It’s going to be interesting, I’m not going to skip any of the strange sounding and weirder tasting recipes. I’ve had the hardest time choosing a cookbook to use, namely because I wanted a healthy cookbook for this adventure and most iconic cook books are well…. not so healthy. I settled on a Betty Crocker cookbook and am quite excited to see what the new year brings. So, starting January the adventure begins!